My Millionaire Power Story

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I started The Wealthy Nest to help up AMP UP your hustle and GROW your NEST EGG–and KEEP IT GROWING. I’m a retired investor and former SF columnist, professionally trained in Market Fundamentals, Investment Technical Analysis, with a post-grad certification in Personal Finance Planning from UCLA.

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San Francisco–Yikes! SO BEAUTIFUL and SO EXPENSIVE!

I live in the most expensive city in the country (San Francisco, according to HousingAnywhere). When I was working, my day job salary wasn’t very high. I had some lucky breaks and ups and downs, too… (remember 2008? I do). But I LEARNED AND GREW MY MONEY GAME–AND YOU CAN, TOO. I got smart about making money an easier way and made it to millionaire (plus!) and retired early. | About Millionaire Story
The Golden Nest Egg

Keep GROWING (YOUR Nest Egg)

But TIMES CHANGE and so does the ECONOMY. (That’s one thing you can count on.) I have more than enough to live off my Nest Egg and golf all day, but the game of making money still thrills me. AND HEY, Being a MILLIONAIRE PLUS ISN’T ENOUGH anymore. Who doesn’t want a little extra dough? Play money? A BIGGER nest egg? Some money to give away?


I keep finding new ways to grow my wealth. BECAUSE YOU NEVER STOP LEARNING AND GROWING. The financial world continues to change and evolve–and you need to find ways adapt to it AND THRIVE.

Want a new MAKE MONEY IDEA every day?

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