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Midas was the king who was loved so much by Zeus that he gave him the golden touch. In times of financial uncertainty like these, many people are re-evaluating their financial strategies and wondering which ones to discard, and which ones are the golden ones, and the real Midas Touch that really works for them. Most everyone can make money in a booming bull market, but it takes real smarts to make money with a faltering economy, tight real estate market, and a (wildly) fluctuating stock market.

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Discover YOUR Midas Touch

A little-known but interesting personal finance book by author Ilya Teplitsky called “The Psychology of Money: How to Discover Your Midas Touch” is one place to start exploring your own personal approach to wealth and finding your unique expertise (the book is a summary of his Midas Touch class). Tiplitsky is a psychotherapist in private practice outside of San Francisco, and he has taken over 18 years to develop and refine his unique model of financial psychotherapy.

Many Forces at Play

Author Teplitsky covers the positive, functional money strategies that are part of the financial legacy from your particular family of origin. He also discusses the dysfunctional family forces that could be keeping you from reaching your full potential financially. If you feel that your relationship to money is not aligning with your talents, education, or commitment, his approach might work for you.

Napoleon Hill, Suze Orman, Anthony Robbins… 

Why Don’t Popular Success Methods Work for Everyone? is a question that Teplitsky looked to answer in his research.These methods clearly worked for their creators, and some (or many) of their followers. But not all… and this insight was the crucial ”aha” moment in Teplitsky’s own search for financial freedom. We may all possess a Midas Touch, but the road to manifesting prosperity is not always clear or obvious to many of us. Exploring your financial successes and failures can help lead you to the least resistance to financial success. Teplitsky goes over dozens of unconventional money strategies to be put to use in your life now. 

Understand and Use Your Beginner’s Luck

Teplitsky has a five-step plan to help you discover your own personal Midas Touch that is simple to use but very enlightening. He covers finding “gold” in traditional areas such as Consulting, Real Estate, Inheritances, Family Businesses, Traveling, and Collecting. Most importantly, he makes the connection clear between family wealth destiny and your own. He also discusses the correct way to understand and use “beginner’s luck.”

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Sneakers, Farmland and Trading Cards: Even More Midas Touch Opportunities

Today, there are even more opportunities than ever before for finding your Midas Touch, but finding good, original research is not always the easiest, especially for new and innovative alternative investing. Alts.co is quoted as being the “largest alternative investing community” covering dozens of asset classes. At the time of this post, they cover a wide range of 32 different assets classes, including sneakers, sports trading cards, racehorses, websites, and more. They give you one month free, then there is a $19/monthly charge (or $50/quarter and $190/year) for their research. (You can join their newsletter for free.) 

Alts is also on Discord (open to all and free here: https://discord.com/invite/DEkHgzggwC) and they have a Members Area, and a Recommendations page that gives all picks a Pass or a Buy. Their approach is democratic: unlike so many financial newsletters, you do not need to qualify your income or reveal your net worth before subscribing.


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