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Alto Crypto IRA Retirement Product Review Pros and Cons

The Alto Crypto IRA account is a low-cost, low-fee option for investing tax-advantaged retirement funds in Bitcoin and 125+ other cryptocurrencies.

Accounts: Roth, Traditional, or SEP IRA
Fees: see below
Investment minimum: $10
Minimum account balance: No
Coins: Yes
Tokens: Yes
Integration: Coinbase (no account needed)

AltoIRA is a self-directed IRA (SDIRA) custodian based in Nashville, TN, and offers two IRA products: 1) AltoIRA, and 2) CryptoIRA. The Alto Crypto IRA is funded with cash or by transfer from another retirement account. Trading is real-time 24/7 and offered via their integration with Coinbase, and uses Coinbase security protocols, like AES-256 encryption and two-step verification. ( Your cryptocurrency is held in a digital wallet at Coinbase. You do not need a Coinbase account.

Alto Crypto IRA Fees

Like all self-directed IRA custodians, it is crucial to understand and verify the fee structure before investing (and to be sure to check on it AFTER you invest as well). Alto does about a better job of being transparent about fees than most self-directed custodians. See The Hidden Headaches of Self-Directed IRAs.

Monthly/Annual account fees 1.5% trading fee per individual investment or transaction


  • Account opening process is streamlined
  • No monthly recurring fees, setup fees, custody fees
  • Fee structure is less complicated than other self-directed IRA firms


  • No access to your wallet, cannot stake, transfer or earn interest on your crypto holdings
  • Transferring accounts can be slow

Crypto IRAs for Best Tax-Advantaged Investing

Alto Crypto IRA WealthyNester Approval Score: 80
Rated for safety, ease-of-use, and low-cost

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