MAKE MONEY #39: Quit Your Day Job for Profitable Quail Farming?

Difficulty: 8 (HARD)

Initial Investment: 5 (MEDIUM)


Good for: Retirees, Parents, Families, ALL

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A different kind of Side Hustle: Profitable Quail Farming

How to start a Profitable Quail Farming Business

Do you want to start a business doing profitable quail farming? Here’s a quick guide for raising quail at home for both high-protein meat and for those delicate, exquisite-looking little eggs. The PLUSES: Quail can reproduce quickly, are small, are easy to care for, and they grow fast!

According to the Farming Method guide, it is possible to start a small-scale business quail farming in your backyard. Have a lot of space in the backyard, or acreage you aren’t using? Consider starting a business renting out part of it to other small quail farming profit businesses (or even as a private dog park, as long as the two don’t overlap).

How Much Can I Make with a Quail Business?

IF you are setting up your business to be a profitable quail farming side business, you should do some research for your area. Quail meat generally can be sold anywhere from $2 an ounce to $7 an ounce dressed, depending on your location and the demand in your area. As a reference, a jumbo Coturnix quail typically weighs between 12 and 14 oz live.

In the US, one dozen quail eggs can pay anywhere from $0.30-$1 per egg.

How to Make a Quail Farming Profit?

Let’s be honest. Animal husbandry is not an easy side hustle or even main or small-scale business. It is a business, after all. But there is profit in it, so let’s continue. If you want to cut to the chase, Farming Method has a complete beginners guide online PDF to get you started on the road to profitable quail farming.

profitable quail farming | quail farming profit | quail farming for beginners

TIP: Have some extra space in the back? According to the Farming Method guide, you CAN start a small-scale business quail farming in your backyard.

What Are Some of the Downsides to Quail Farming for Beginners?

Quails are hardy birds in general, but they can have issues that you need to be on top of. Since they are flock animals, there is the potential of diseases spreading fast through the flock before you have identified and gotten a handle on it. Author and Quail Expert Frances Okumu covers problem Quail Diseases thoroughly in her 5-star GoodReads rated book here, including identification and Management of stress, all kinds of vices, and diseases in quails.

Her book covers these topics:

  • The most common quail diseases and how to handle each case
  • How to identify a sick quail  
  • Stress in quails–Causes and control vices in quails
  • Causes and control predisposing factors to quail diseases–Factors which may expose quails to infection by diseases
  • Effective ways of dealing with quail diseases