Yes! EASY $2 Bucks Fridays ARE BACK!

$2 Bucks Fridays are Back

How Can I Make an EASY $2?

Here at Wealthy Nest, we decided to run a 2 bucks weekly promo, but INSTEAD of HANDING OVER our hard-earned money to Twitter or Instagram (do they really need it?) we decided instead to give out 2 bucks to everyone who does the following:

1–FIND a post on our site that you like (and why–you will send to us)

2–FOLLOW us on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook

— on Twitter here ( AND

–on Instagram here ( AND

–on Facebook here ( Nice to know you!

NOW, EMAIL us the name of the POST you like and WHY. Did you FOLLOW us? Did you REVIEW us?

BE SURE to include your PayPal account so we can pay you.


IF you are having issues with this form, please email us at wealthynester [@] gmail [dot] com.

Get a $5 Signup Bonus when you signup today!

Who is Wealthy Nest?

We’re a team built by a former Personal Finance columnist and retired (early) investor from San Francisco. See our founder’s millionaire story here.

What Can an EASY $2 Bucks BUY?

And more importantly, how can it help you GROW your golden Wealthy Nest egg? There are several ways. We are only listing a few, but will add more as time goes on. We just wanted to get this promo started pronto!

1) You Can Buy Penny Stocks

What are Penny Stocks? A penny stock is a “mini” stock that trades for a price below $5 per share. Sometimes they even trade for as little as 1 cent or less. Penny stocks are highly speculative so…

DO YOUR RESEARCH here first and here (RobinHood Penny Stocks – Find stocks under $5 on RH).

3) You Can Put Two and Two Together to Make 5 (add in a little extra $$)

–Invest in a United States I-Bond

Take a little over $20 from your savings account and you have the I-BONDS Minimum of $25, a proven inflation-buster. What makes I-Bonds SO great? They are indexed for inflation, for one. See the other reasons why they are great, and a few gotchas, too, before you invest.

2 bucks, 5 buck pizza

–Buy a Pizza at 5 Buck Pizza

IF you live in Utah, you can buy a PIZZA with 5 bucks. For the rest of us who live elsewhere, you can buy a few slices of pizza, usually costing $1 to $2 each. OR make one: Great Value Pizza Crust Mix is .72 at Walmart (add water and oil, so count those costs in, too).

4) What else?

We stopped here because we wanted to get this promo GOING, more ideas to come in the future.